I am a frontend developer at Inveon Ltd, a Digital Commerce Solutions company.

I will be received my BSc. degree from The University of London, Department of Computer Science; Minor in Data Science in 2022. Please check my CV for details.

My primary research interests are:

  • Data-Driven Optimization
  • Data Science
  • User Experience Design
  • Front-End Development

I frequently work with industry and startups on research and product developments. In particular, I work closely with several startups for developing embedded design solutions. I also work with the frontend development side of web projects.

Besides my work experiences, I am involved with web-based solution companies.

Link to my CV(English) or check my CV page for a detailed resume.
You can also find a list of my accounts from the Media button on the menu.

I love taking pictures of nature and listening to classical pieces of music.

You can contact me at: